20s-30s Social Support Groups

It's a well known fact that us young folk like to socialize, more so if we are single and looking to meet either that special someone or simply looking for someone to hang out with. The Los Angeles/ Orange County chapter is attempting to fulfill these desires by helping us both heal and get back into society by socializing with our peers that suffer from similar issues that we may suffer from. It may be anxiety, depression, a distorted body image or even confidence or self esteem, things that all people must go through but something that is far more challenging when coupled with an IBD.

The Los Angeles County 20/30s group is active with the lovely Adina Bodenstein serving as chair and head coordinator. She also speaks from time to time at the various IBD conferences about her experiences with her own disease and how she does not let it get to her. She can be contacted at adina.bodenstein@gmail.com.
I have been to a few of these events and although small they have been a rather intimate and fun experience and I hope that more people can partake in sharing and learning with others that suffer from the very same things that you may suffer from.

The Orange County 20/30s group on the other hand I have absolutely no information about other than that the wonderfully delightful Amy Owens chairs it and more information will be posted as it becomes available. For now you may be able to reach her through the OC 20s/30s group Facebook Page

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the CCFA offices at (310) 478-4500, or contact the chairs directly at their respective addresses.